Katherine is an artist, photographer, and designer…  she is also a mother, lover,  writer, curator, gardener, procrastinator, naturalist,  introvert,  wine lover, realist, and a terrible romantic.

In her art, and life, she is fascinated by light, and dark… and the bits in between; the glow, the shadows, the embers, the flickers, and the glimpses.

She is interested in capturing the surreal moments, the incandescent, the bursts of our psyche, the crumblings of our dreams, the twisted fragments, the dark beauty of real life fairy tales.

You will find Katherine in the wilds of the Devonshire countryside, next to the woods, where she lives a simple life with her family and animals.

If you want to contact Katherine, she’d love to hear from you, via email, at Katherinelockett@gmail.com